“I love you, I’ll never leave you to yourself. Ever.”

“You promise?”

“Promise with the whole of my life”

I love you.

Most times we hold on to promises. Promises that have an under tone of lies.

Some times we doubt, but keep our blind faith in those promises.

Other times, we believe there are no other options we’ve got than to trust in promises.

But most times we forget this;

There’s a limit of credibility in every human word.

It’s not an opinion or hearsay. Its what it really is, a lie. Every word backed up by a promise is a lie, but faith makes us believe otherwise.

Now if we can relate, we see that humans words and actions can be suspicious, or doubtful yet we still believe and trust those words.

But why do we fail to transfer such faith to God’s word?

Why’d we try to make it seem like God doesn’t listen to us? 

Let’s consider this as a relationship. 

Who does more of the talking? Who does more of the listening? In a relationship isn’t it the function of both parties to listen and speak to each other to foster communication? 


Are we waiting patiently to listen to the other end of the conversation or we just do the whole talking forgetting the listening part?

How about promises?!

Who makes the most promises and forgets to fulfil them?

Who makes the greatest promises fulfils and still keeps fulfilling even though ingratitude is gotten in return?

Why’d think humans let you down repeatedly and you still keep believing them? Trust huhh?

But why is it so hard to believe in someone who can never fail in His promises for you?

The Bible they say is God’s love letter to His own and if you’re really God’s own, you’ll see so much wonderful promises He has in His word for you.

Then why can’t we believe?

Why is it so hard?

Is it really hard?

What makes it hard?

Fear that we won’t get what we want knowing fully well He’s all for our greater good? 

Or, we just don’t think its necessary?

If you fail to believe and trust and rely on His promises for you, it won’t matter the amount of  love He pours out for you, unbelief will definitely block it out.

What are you believing God for today? Do well to trust in His love, in His word and rely on His promises. 

See your dark side shine light for His glory!

See all promises made fulfilled without fail!

” can I trust in your love and promises?”

“That’s all I need from you. Trust. Faith. No one I love will ever be dissapointed.”

I love you and will always will!




​It went like this

It should be easy and quick.

The test I mean.

The test of the unhateful.

Didn’t want to do all of these but i just have to.

I thought I was doing all good to myself and to them.

Ever since I agreed to His love, I’ve devoted myself to reciprocating and showcasing that love to other people too.

Thought it would be fun and easy to do.

Until I realized what talking His yoke and learning of Him truly means.

I realised that all my good to them doesnt even count.

I has a mission to be loved, to be what I want.

To make them see me and like me for who I am.

But they didnt actually knew me for who I was.

I thought they saw me as a good different.

Well, that’s how I see myself.

Until it dawned on me that they did’nt even know

They didnt care to know.

If I was on their side they’ll like me.

If not…

It does’nt change what they feel about me.

Hate, yeah that’s the word hate.

What have I really done wrong?

I’ve practically become stupid!

Still, it doesnt change what they feel about me.

Hate, yeah thats the word hate.

It was in the air. I really did’nt feel it until an organises outburst of anger by them. I really felt intimidated and scared or them.

I really thought I liked them and showed it in every way. I mean I know I did mean to do a few mistakes but I thought theyll like me too despite my flaws. 

I mean I accept and over look every of theirs at least just to show love. The kind of love I’m meant to show as His child. But it did’nt work, all of it. Everything just did’nt work.

 Intimidated, scared…..I was humiliated beyond what I can imagine.

I still held on.

His love has shown me that despite who they are or what they do, love never changes. Mine shoud’nt too. Especially since I’m a representative of that love.

That is why if I want to reiterate their actions by responding the same way they did for me, it never works out. I just end up hurting myself.

This is beyond what the human mind can fathom.

 I don’t even understand why I am doing this.

They don’t either. But they know I have something they don’t.

Something is missing.

There’s a big difference.

Very big one.

And that difference is love in flesh and spirit.

Love in me. Love, the life that I live that makes me different from everyone else.

And that love is;




New Title. 

Hey guys!

Happy weekend to you all.

I’m sure most people are wondering why I deserted this blog for a long time. Well lets just say I let blogging down😥 and I let you all down too. And I keep apologising like I won’t do it again 😒 so much for trying to be consistent.

Lot of things have happened that has rocked the boat of my conviction or needless to say inspiration. But I find it difficult in my heart to let it go. So here I go! I’m here again!

I’m so sorry for all those I’ve let down. To those who have been trailing me for this, thank you so much for having faith in God in me..naa its not me you’ve had you faith on its only God!

For those who have lost interest, well I’ll say you can stick around a bit to get yourself convinced, and I’m sure you will!

 For those who’ll be sticking around thank you so much too! I promise not to EVER (note it’s in capitals) let you down by His grace! (now that’s binding.)

Its time to stand up and answer the call of the gospel😃!

My name is Deborah and welcome to a new era of a new title!

Welcome back😁!


Two weeks ago during one of our Sunday school classes a question was thrown on the literal meaning of Christmas. A couple of people of which I was a part of answered that it’s a time and season set apart to celebrate the birth of our saviour,  Jesus Christ, cause yeah what else can it mean other than that? But later we were proved wrong. The real meaning of Christmas in its literal sense is Christ for the masses, that is Christ-mas.


I began to wonder and ponder on that. Yeah Christmas is a fun season to celebrate Jesus, enjoy ourselves with our families, have fun, make good use of it as the most fun time of the year since the later part of the year follows after it, give out to people if need be, but most importantly thank God for a year well spent, for a bridge built to God, for a Saviour born and for the joy of the season. But, indepthly  there’s more to it; does the joy of the Christmas season last forever till another one or just for merry making and celebrations of decking the halls and thudding “Joy to the world!” just for the happiness attached for that day or days to the new year?

Does the stress, hustling and bustling ward off after so many resolutions made and merriment for the previous year?

My dear people;

Christmas is for the heart that doesn’t forget!

What exactly are we forgetting? 

That Christ is for the masses not just for the cellebrations!

Yes! Christmas doesn’t centre only on celebration. Well even though it somewhat does, it is by the way! With the challenge of the great commission, and the season of the coming of the Saviour we are celebrating, it is the time to rise up with the joy within to spread the news that Jesus is for all! How many people have you preached to this Christmas? Is there something God is impressing in your heart to do for Him? Are you not supposed to bless that family or that work of God? Note that Christ’s coming wasn’t just for the joy of his mother, father or even the host of heaven, it was to alert the world that the only way through which they can be saved has been made! The only bridge to God and eternal life has been built! The only way to heaven has come! We are celebrating not only our Saviour but our only way to live!

So if you don’t celebrate Christmas by rededicating, redeeming your life in Him, your celebration is not complete. If you don’t tell people around you about this birth of salvation, preaching and sharing the gospel, then your celebration is not complete! With Jesus’ coming, no matter what we do or where we are, we just have to keep telling. Christmas or not, it doest change the fact that the devil still looms around propagating darkness and evil into the heart of men but you know what, now is the best time to truncate that! 

As you celebrate, don’t forget to duplicate the salvation message for it is very delicate!

Don’t forget Christmas is the time to spread the word! Spread it now!

Please like, comment and share if you’ve been blessed!

God bless you!

                   Debby- Peace😇


As I sit to reminiscence on my life before, it’s so hard to view how it has been so far. Well, not pretty hard I geussThe fame, lights,  respect, grace,  Aura and feeling of pride to be a student which comes with a responsibility to be the best and bring out the best which I can offer. No matter what,  the struggle to be  the best continues… 

Seconds minutes, hours, days, weeks and months draw closer and I realize and began to think.. What have I done so far to improve ME? 

Then I realised that I’m not even close to success if I’m always on the ME lane, but will be if I’m on the YOU lane. Then I begin to worry again as most times, I worry too much about the YOU, a little less on the ME and abandon  completely!

But I realised that if I can make HIM my everything, I wouldn’t have to worry less about the ME or YOU because, I won’t have to worry at all!

This year I’ve learnt so much to begin to see that God is not an option; he is not on our plan B neither is he on C; he is always our first. When I thought I had lost my ability to writ more I focused on the depressed ME and the dissapointed YOU, but hey here I am! He’s got plans, greater than ours, so let’s all sit back and relax on his word standing on his promises as our HIM becomes our everything!

Dont wait until you realise you’ve lost everything then you’ll need HIM! Hold HIM! Trust HIM! Wait on HIM and HIM alone will be your everything! So enjoy this season all for HIM!😁

                    God bless! #DebbyPeace😇

Photo credit – @temi.d.poet _IG


I wish I knew the way to go

And I’m so sorry for the times I’ve deserted everyone

I wish I know how to repay you back


 I am so sorry for being so negligible of this blog!  Words keep coming up, devil keeps striving, but you know when you’re on the Lords side, especially when you let him have his way, all you have to do is to keep still and let him do the winning; I have been guilty of that and he has been dealing with me by his mercies.  In all,  I am deeply sorry.  But I promise to take a step.  Exams are coming up and rapt preparation is involved. I’ll leave you with this piece continuation of the last one and another one before I stay off for another 3 weeks of exam focus.  I promise to resume fully after then.  I’m cooking up something you won’t want to miss and I’m so exited that I can’t wait to let it out. Thanks so much for your love! The Lord reward and bless you greatly! I love you all! 


I’ve been thinking too much these days.  Recession things, end-time things,  God’s plan things, school things, future stuff and all.  But something came to my mind that I really want to share.  

I heard this song — I think it’s really popular.  ‘ All of me ‘ by John Legend. Some part of the lyrics actually caught my attention. Here it is. 

“ Give your all to me 

I give my all to you 

You’re my end and my beginning 

Even when I loose I’m winning 

I give you all — all of me

And you give me a —ll of you ”

Okay there it is.  Please don’t  start to wonder what I’m doing,  I want to bring something out of it.  Now ‘ all of ME ‘ is like this strong promise a guy makes to his girl to always give his all — money,  time, resources and ‘ life ‘ to her because of the ‘ love ‘ he professes to have for her. We see this everyday;  friends promises, family promises, spouse promises, being forever together… And all of that.  

But here my thinking lies. 

How many of us are really willing to give our all to GOD?  How willing are we to promise to follow Him all our days with all of our lives and to follow and be obedient to his will?  How much of God’s love so you have in you? Oh! The real question  is this;  do we actually Love God enough to give our ‘ all ‘ to him? 

A guy can promise his heart and life out for his lady, accepting her with her ups and downs.  He’ll try to love, care and cherish her even with arguments,  they’ll  try not to break each others promises.  But sadly,  we are human,  we break things — especially promises. 

To be continued…debbype😇



In life we believe  there are two sects of people. But,  in the life of a typical teenager, you can only be popular  and unpopular.  How feasible is this?  I’ll  explain  this. 

James a normal high school teenager goes on pretty well.  Except  for the fact that Billy and his clique teases  him with every little thing ranging from his style, dress sense,  intellect,  beliefs and every other thing.  They taunt him everyday trying to make him feel miserable  just because he doesn’t fit into their standard. Low self-esteem, inferiority complex  seems to be his lot.   They do this to do many other  guys who they believe  are below their standard; James is of no exception. In frustration, James tries to confront  them on their bad attitude and their so called ‘better than everybody else’behavior whereby receiving more insults both in words and in beatings, not only from Billy and his clique but also from the top  popular guys on Billy’s side making James left in the darkness of loneliness in the shadows of unpopularity. Now,  he doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere and his life has become  miserable thanks to the popular rank, he now contemplates  suicide. 

Do you get the picture now?  What is your advice to  James? Many young ones have become popular  one way or the other in the midst of their peers. They get popular because of a special and unique thing about them. They maybe famous, rich,  talented, beautiful or handsome, brilliant, energetic,  sporty enough to become popular. 

The well,  so to say ‘unpopular’ ones are usually those who are on the common side and normal ones. They don’t really gain much attention or attraction and popularity as some people do.  Most of them are also very special  and unique  in their own way but may not usually express based on differences and maybe,  personal reasons.  Many of these popular  ones tend to tease, control and even bully the unpopular  ones;  other times,  the unpopular ones try to conform and copy the popular ones just to get on their good sides.  So they try to adjust to what they are not used to, try to pretend and hide who they really are and tend to live a fake life to safe them of embarrassments, teasing, fear, depression and inferiority complex.  But,  even though some popular ones do this, there are  some who take it up as a challenge  to become better and be the best they want to be in the sense that being popular  doesn’t make them different a human that they are.  

Maybe you’ve noticed where you belong to.  Yeah, as youth and teens, we see people  like James everyday being tortured sarcastically. We laugh it off for the fun of it,  but deep inside heart of Hearts  there is a big place of depression and downcast.  For the unpopular ones,  actually you are popular. If you know God has your father and he knows you,  then what makes you different from being popular? It’s just like being the friend of the president! Sure you’ll be willing to  flaunt it and be proud of it.  That’s how you are to!  You are a child of the most high! Famous in not only his sight but in all sights!  It takes knowing where God has placed you and how to fit into it.  The nitty gritty of this issue is; many of the so called popular ones are not in the place God has prepared  them to be! Although  there are actually  some getting the fame the right way,  they’ve been blinded by ego and pride because of what they think they posses.  Not all of them are popular or famous in God-kinda-way,  and even though they may enjoy it for a while, it won’t take long before they realise they’ve been on the wrong path since.  They are just popular out of self-will and desire for fame which have pushed them out of God’s plan! We must think dearly of this;  God  has great things in store for you.  Low self-esteem,  inferiority complex shouldn’t get in your way!  You are super-unique and super-special in your own way! You just have to love the God in yourself and let him bring out the best in you!  

For the good popular ones,  God made you special and unique  to make impact on other people and to change your generation  for better.  If you think degrading  another person’s self esteem is how you derive your joy or fun,  you’re on the wrong road.  Tomorrow in your dying bed, you might need the help of someone who you’ve been making fun of a lot and loose that help never to find another because of your past bad acts.  Your footprints of the deeds you’ve done, the lives you’ve impacted is very crucial.  God didn’t give you that which makes you special just for you to be famous, he gave it to you so that you will use it for him and to change lives.

Think of yourself the way God sees you. You have been created wonderfully , allow God to make a difference  in your life.  It’s not about the talent,  not about the strength  not about what you can do.  It’s about how you follow and allow God help you bring out the best in you. Popularity doesn’t measure success, impactation and the lives you’ve changed for the better for the glory of the Lord does. 

You are not to be in the darkness of shadows,  but as a light that shines bright! 


As I think of something pretty good to do this half of the year, my mind races back to my not-so-old secondary (or high school) days. During that time (well I got to know Jesus as my saviour in my early teens so, I had the Godly-christian child of God thing in me!) I had to live this kind of life, you know many teens of my age back then though I was actually boring, you know with all the church-God aspect and missing all the happening stuff. I wanted to live the good life, the God kind of good life! But now, I discovered it was the most interesting time I had between my transition from girlhood to ladyhood (or womanhood).

 Funny enough, I hadn’t enough friends who believed the same way I do- well I can actually say my classmates and neighborhood-mates were my friends ’cause we were so familiar with each other, seeing them everyday and relating with them as friends.  But me- a personal me- nobody close! Who cares about a boring life? Late on  chats with friends, partying and flexing at wild parties, wearing the exposé s (I mean revealing clothes), skipping classes, proving right and independent, having a date-boyfriend (or girlfriend), drinking a little…other stuff…bla, bla bla! Arghh… they allsounded cool and I felt like the odd one out!  Some of my friends even tried to chicken (mock) me out of all the whole situation. If all these don’t sound all that bad, must I be soo good? 

Then, I stumbled on two verses and awhile lot of other ones but I’ll emphasize on these two. 

1PETER 2vs 9- But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;

ROMANS 12vs2- And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. 

So that’s why! That’s why I just can’t fit into anything! Because I made a choice to be God’s good girl, I had to pay a price! Now I’m seeing results!

To be different in God’s way, you have to sacrifice a whole lot of ‘goodies’ so that you can become God’s special one. When it dawned on me that I’m actually different because of what God has for me, I have to pay the price especially because he loves me and has the best in store  for me! You know, there are somethings that logically  don’t seem bad, but because you’re special, and conscious of God’s super-special plan for your life you can’t just do everything that seem cool. You have to sacrifice the not-so-good part for the-very- best-God-wants-for-you part! As teenagers or young adults, we think the only way to be successful is getting good grades, exploring our talents to have fame and fortune, become popular and influential with luxury and wealth. We forget that living that part of our lives, what will speak for us after we are gone? Good grades, money, fame or popularity? No! The only thing that can speak up for you in the time of adversity or when you’re gone is…your good works! When you walk with God and do his good works, popularity, fame, whatever is a tip of the iceberg! 

It’s time to make a difference in our generation, it’s time to stand for what is right not only in our sight but in God’s sight. Not the same thing works for everyone. We can’t be successful doing the same thing. Let God make a living out of you so that u won’t have to stress yourself to earn a living to be successful! If you have low-self esteem because of the way people treat you for doing good, don’t be bothered! It is but for an appointed time. You’re special, you know like gold that has to be refined in fire before its real value comes out! So you have to be tested being God’s good child before the special you comes out and becomes popular! Know God, have a relationship with him, and you’ll never regret it! Love God and don’t forget to love others too. Be very- I mean VERY kind. God’s word with the Holy Spirit will guide you to do the right thing. 

So, being so good is not bad afterall! With God in you and you in Him, you’ll be super-successful, super-famous and super-special and SUPER-GOOD



During the past few weeks when I felt down with an illness, and thank God I’m back again, I had the nudge in my spirit to ask this “what is my greatest fear?” At that time I felt I was going to die! That was my greatest fear then. And a lot of things that were happening around got me confused and petrified. I felt scared about loosing my family and our properties or anybody or thing dear to me.Even before I gained admission into the university, I had the deepest fear that I’ll fail myself, family, friends and even God! Fear-fear-fear of the unknown due to circumstances.

As alarming as it might seem, it is sad to announce that no matter how we try to brush it, we all have our deepest fear and doubts. For some, its death, loss of wealth or properties and business, loss of security, loss of primary  and basic needs…a whole lot more. Well, I realised that we fear bad occurrences because we don’t want it to happen! What we actually fear, is what happens after. We are all humans and have emotions and right to feel what we feel. But, everything in life has an expiring date: both living and non-living cannot live forever; that’s certain. There’s only one thing that will and ever always be eternal forever; I’ll get back to that.

Back to the fear part, we fear about what will happen but what will really happen after? What will happen if I lose my loved ones, what will happen if I’m broke or without a source of living? What will happen if I fall incurably sick? What if? what if…? Have you ever thought of the aftermath? After death; judgement. No wealth poverty. No security; danger! So that’s what we actually fear!

The only way you can get past these weird fears and feelings is trust  and then faith in GOD. No matter what, we will face challenges that’ll incite fear. No matter how we try to box it, death does exist. And there’s heaven and hell! Bad things do happen, it’s to whom it concerns it affects. Sometimes, we wonder why a loving God allow all these things to happen. But I’ve you ever wondered why we don’t try to get and understand that good has given us a free will of choice of what happens to us? Why can’t we resolve in our hearts that there is no other way we can obtain ultimate happiness without the supreme being God in existence in your life? That is why people still go through the bad things they go through. That is why people still go to hell. Because they don’t come to God! everything, every single thing  in this life will pass and fade away, everything: the  money, beauty, intellect…everything! But just one thing which I mentioned earlier-GOD’S WORD! It’s the TRUTH that will stand and the only way to get it is through Jesus Christ Matthew 24 vs 35.

You know it’s actually easier and stress-free living the good and comfortable life void of fears and worries! That beautiful package comes in Christ only. It is time to get rid of your deepest fear- ridiculous doubts and throw in the trowel to God saying, “Lord i’m yours!”  Try it! Well, even if it’s once. Maybe now at this moment, you can stop and pray this prayer in your heart (sorry it’s a little bit commanding but please try it, God’s ready to help you!

Lord, I accept the fact that I’m nothing before you, since you’re my maker, there’s nothing I can hide from you. Have your way in my life, I lay down my everything to you. I need your help…I need you now more than ever! And show me your mercy. LORD YOU’RE ALL WE NEED IN OUR GREATEST AND DEEPEST FEAR! Thanks for we know you’ve answered us and await in faith for results! AMEN!

Oh  what peace and joy will flood your heart if you’ve truthfully done this ! God bless you! Keep enjoying your new life in Christ without fears! HAKUNA MATATA!