Seriously, the riot displayed on campus was no child’s play. I thought my first year will be free from any form of violence till maybe…the next two years in my four-year stay on campus, but I never thought it’ll be anytime soon! My predictions where wrong; I never wished it’ll be my first year here! I felt the atmosphere of the 1966-1970 colonial war (in Nigeria). Back then, the easterners were forced to go back to their homelands because of the war. Here, we were asked to vacate not only the hostels but also the school premises. You should have seen the sight as people (students) were running up and down, packing up their bags and loads, calling friends for safety and calling families for refuge! Thank God it’s  over and we are back in school, but the experience opened my eyes to something.

Presently in Nigeria, the fuel hike is posing a bigger threat of a bigger strike! I can remember the last strike…that’s another lamentation for another day! Not good at all!

But, seriously all these happenings ring a bell of the same tune to me. Okay. It’s just riot, its just strike. But, what if the rapture takes place anytime soon? What will happen to all those left behind? When the ‘left behind’ discover that some of their friends, relatives colleagues and those they know have gone up, remembering all their preachings and talk about God, Jesus and rapture; what manner of chaos will be in place?

Now that’s the ULTIMATE STRIKE I dint want to face! The end-time is here, the coming of the Lord is near. Will you be ready when he comes? Jeremiah 29vs11 says he has great plans for us, John 3vs16 affirms that part of the plan is for us to have eternal life after all our struggles (and strikes) on earth. There is only one thing, the devil doesn’t want us to have all this, doesn’t want us to make heaven and wants us to face the ultimate strike!  Accept Christ now, in Revelation 3vs20, He is pleading with you to open your heart to him. Don’t be too busy for God cause you wont be too busy on the last day; repent, resolve in your heart to live only for him and rededicate your life to him. At  the last day, the reward for upholding your salvation will be yours not his; the glory will be all unto him. He’s doing it all for our own good.

ULTIMATE STRIKE…Lord help us not to partake in it!


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