When an athlete is in a race running fast at the athlete’s own fast speed with the intention of winning the race, with eyes fixed on the prize, the only thing on the athlete’s mind is ‘winning’!  But what if the athlete gets bitten by an insect (I mean real ‘mean’ insect) or gets injured badly, what will happen? The athlete may want to check the affected part on the skin where the pain is scourching from! If  the athlete gives that so much attention, won’t the speed reduce? Upon all the training, self-discipline and determination, will the athlete give in to the pain and forfeit the aim? But, if the athlete endures the pain to finish the race and then wins, the athlete’s success will have a story to be told!

We christians are like this athlete. We face a whole lot of difficulties which through the help of God, we’ve overcome. But there are times…really…there are times we just feel…lost, empty, useless and even destroyed! It can be because of sickness, bereavement, loss of loved one or property, failure, grief or anything else. I know the fact that since we have the Jesus, we have power over the devil so, there’s no way we can be hurt. But can you remember Job? He was…one of the coolest-God-guy on earth at his time. But the devil took away everything that made his life make sense, well with God’s permission though.But he stood his ground, he was like that athlete looking unto something worth more than the circumstance he was facing.

Now I want you to know that there are times (and there will be times) we will face bad challenges that may want to weigh us down. There are times God makes blessings in disguise, like sweetness after the bitter partof life (like a bitter leaf!) What you are to do is just to hold on to him in FAITH: strong faith not shaking. And above all, ask for GRACE not to be moved by the difficulties of life and not to fail him,but to stand and focus on him to get the reward. Have you ever wondered why you see bad things happen all around you, and you discover you dont experience those bad things? That’s GOD’S GRACE! Its not about who’s prayerful or not, it is just grace! Ask for that GRACE today to get the prize and finish the race, no matter the pain!

“Looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith who for the JOY set before him ENDURED the CROSS, DESPISING the SHAME, and has sat down at the RIGHT HAND of  the THRONE of GOD.” Hebrews 12vs2.

                                                                                                             Dedicated to (late) Mrs. Agboola.










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