During the past few weeks when I felt down with an illness, and thank God I’m back again, I had the nudge in my spirit to ask this “what is my greatest fear?” At that time I felt I was going to die! That was my greatest fear then. And a lot of things that were happening around got me confused and petrified. I felt scared about loosing my family and our properties or anybody or thing dear to me.Even before I gained admission into the university, I had the deepest fear that I’ll fail myself, family, friends and even God! Fear-fear-fear of the unknown due to circumstances.

As alarming as it might seem, it is sad to announce that no matter how we try to brush it, we all have our deepest fear and doubts. For some, its death, loss of wealth or properties and business, loss of security, loss of primary  and basic needs…a whole lot more. Well, I realised that we fear bad occurrences because we don’t want it to happen! What we actually fear, is what happens after. We are all humans and have emotions and right to feel what we feel. But, everything in life has an expiring date: both living and non-living cannot live forever; that’s certain. There’s only one thing that will and ever always be eternal forever; I’ll get back to that.

Back to the fear part, we fear about what will happen but what will really happen after? What will happen if I lose my loved ones, what will happen if I’m broke or without a source of living? What will happen if I fall incurably sick? What if? what if…? Have you ever thought of the aftermath? After death; judgement. No wealth poverty. No security; danger! So that’s what we actually fear!

The only way you can get past these weird fears and feelings is trust  and then faith in GOD. No matter what, we will face challenges that’ll incite fear. No matter how we try to box it, death does exist. And there’s heaven and hell! Bad things do happen, it’s to whom it concerns it affects. Sometimes, we wonder why a loving God allow all these things to happen. But I’ve you ever wondered why we don’t try to get and understand that good has given us a free will of choice of what happens to us? Why can’t we resolve in our hearts that there is no other way we can obtain ultimate happiness without the supreme being God in existence in your life? That is why people still go through the bad things they go through. That is why people still go to hell. Because they don’t come to God! everything, every single thing  in this life will pass and fade away, everything: the  money, beauty, intellect…everything! But just one thing which I mentioned earlier-GOD’S WORD! It’s the TRUTH that will stand and the only way to get it is through Jesus Christ Matthew 24 vs 35.

You know it’s actually easier and stress-free living the good and comfortable life void of fears and worries! That beautiful package comes in Christ only. It is time to get rid of your deepest fear- ridiculous doubts and throw in the trowel to God saying, “Lord i’m yours!”  Try it! Well, even if it’s once. Maybe now at this moment, you can stop and pray this prayer in your heart (sorry it’s a little bit commanding but please try it, God’s ready to help you!

Lord, I accept the fact that I’m nothing before you, since you’re my maker, there’s nothing I can hide from you. Have your way in my life, I lay down my everything to you. I need your help…I need you now more than ever! And show me your mercy. LORD YOU’RE ALL WE NEED IN OUR GREATEST AND DEEPEST FEAR! Thanks for we know you’ve answered us and await in faith for results! AMEN!

Oh  what peace and joy will flood your heart if you’ve truthfully done this ! God bless you! Keep enjoying your new life in Christ without fears! HAKUNA MATATA!



This time we’ll be tacking questions young people ask and issues we deal with. Ill encourage every teenager and youth to use their judicious time to check in every week and enjoy subsequent post. and i promise you wont regret it, take my word for it. God bless ya!


When we say we love God, words of mouth and actions are not the only things to quantify it. Pleasing Him in everything-i mean everything from the most important to the least important things! God’s intentions are great, but comes with a sacrifice just like Jimmy Elliot and his friends who sacrificed their lives. It might not be as big as laying down your life but the sacrifice varies as the case may be and how God wants it. People’s reaction to this intentions will determine the level of the love you have for him. He ever and forever love us no matter what. Love him today!

“He is no fool who gives what he doesnt need to gain what he cannot loose”


Five determined men in a ‘strange’ primitive land. A land where killing of strangers was not an option because, they feared the unknown. They were killed even before they started their course of the Gospel. They died laying down their lives for Christ. But amazingly, their spouses with love for God in their hearts, forgave these people and finished the course their husbands started. The best part is…these women led the land where their husbands were killed to Christ fulfilling “Lord forgive them for they do not know what they do.” Wow!

These men led the land to Christ through their deaths!

The story of Jim Elliot a one-time famous missionary and his friends caught my attention. First they LOVED God and His work. They labored in love and got their families involved in God’s work.  When they went to the land with the purpose of the Gospel,  they were faced with opposition knowing beforehand that the land do not allow strangers, but still continued. Their love was so strong that they gave up their lives for it! I don’t know how many of us can lay down our lives as Christ did…wait a minute, can anyone love Christ as He loves us? And he wants us to show that same love to other people (other people including bad, proud, mean and wicked people) no wonder Christ was the greatest person that ever lived- he loved EVERYONE not using their bad deeds as a criteria not to love them; even till he died! That height of love is way high and I really want to reach there! Can you imagine forgiving someone who killed your dearest loved one? Oh! That’s pretty difficult and hard you’ll say. But remember “HE WHO DOES NOT LOVE, THE LOVE OF THE FATHER IS NOT IN HIM”

So I ask you: how much of the father’s love is in you and how far can you go because you love God?