In life we believe  there are two sects of people. But,  in the life of a typical teenager, you can only be popular  and unpopular.  How feasible is this?  I’ll  explain  this. 

James a normal high school teenager goes on pretty well.  Except  for the fact that Billy and his clique teases  him with every little thing ranging from his style, dress sense,  intellect,  beliefs and every other thing.  They taunt him everyday trying to make him feel miserable  just because he doesn’t fit into their standard. Low self-esteem, inferiority complex  seems to be his lot.   They do this to do many other  guys who they believe  are below their standard; James is of no exception. In frustration, James tries to confront  them on their bad attitude and their so called ‘better than everybody else’behavior whereby receiving more insults both in words and in beatings, not only from Billy and his clique but also from the top  popular guys on Billy’s side making James left in the darkness of loneliness in the shadows of unpopularity. Now,  he doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere and his life has become  miserable thanks to the popular rank, he now contemplates  suicide. 

Do you get the picture now?  What is your advice to  James? Many young ones have become popular  one way or the other in the midst of their peers. They get popular because of a special and unique thing about them. They maybe famous, rich,  talented, beautiful or handsome, brilliant, energetic,  sporty enough to become popular. 

The well,  so to say ‘unpopular’ ones are usually those who are on the common side and normal ones. They don’t really gain much attention or attraction and popularity as some people do.  Most of them are also very special  and unique  in their own way but may not usually express based on differences and maybe,  personal reasons.  Many of these popular  ones tend to tease, control and even bully the unpopular  ones;  other times,  the unpopular ones try to conform and copy the popular ones just to get on their good sides.  So they try to adjust to what they are not used to, try to pretend and hide who they really are and tend to live a fake life to safe them of embarrassments, teasing, fear, depression and inferiority complex.  But,  even though some popular ones do this, there are  some who take it up as a challenge  to become better and be the best they want to be in the sense that being popular  doesn’t make them different a human that they are.  

Maybe you’ve noticed where you belong to.  Yeah, as youth and teens, we see people  like James everyday being tortured sarcastically. We laugh it off for the fun of it,  but deep inside heart of Hearts  there is a big place of depression and downcast.  For the unpopular ones,  actually you are popular. If you know God has your father and he knows you,  then what makes you different from being popular? It’s just like being the friend of the president! Sure you’ll be willing to  flaunt it and be proud of it.  That’s how you are to!  You are a child of the most high! Famous in not only his sight but in all sights!  It takes knowing where God has placed you and how to fit into it.  The nitty gritty of this issue is; many of the so called popular ones are not in the place God has prepared  them to be! Although  there are actually  some getting the fame the right way,  they’ve been blinded by ego and pride because of what they think they posses.  Not all of them are popular or famous in God-kinda-way,  and even though they may enjoy it for a while, it won’t take long before they realise they’ve been on the wrong path since.  They are just popular out of self-will and desire for fame which have pushed them out of God’s plan! We must think dearly of this;  God  has great things in store for you.  Low self-esteem,  inferiority complex shouldn’t get in your way!  You are super-unique and super-special in your own way! You just have to love the God in yourself and let him bring out the best in you!  

For the good popular ones,  God made you special and unique  to make impact on other people and to change your generation  for better.  If you think degrading  another person’s self esteem is how you derive your joy or fun,  you’re on the wrong road.  Tomorrow in your dying bed, you might need the help of someone who you’ve been making fun of a lot and loose that help never to find another because of your past bad acts.  Your footprints of the deeds you’ve done, the lives you’ve impacted is very crucial.  God didn’t give you that which makes you special just for you to be famous, he gave it to you so that you will use it for him and to change lives.

Think of yourself the way God sees you. You have been created wonderfully , allow God to make a difference  in your life.  It’s not about the talent,  not about the strength  not about what you can do.  It’s about how you follow and allow God help you bring out the best in you. Popularity doesn’t measure success, impactation and the lives you’ve changed for the better for the glory of the Lord does. 

You are not to be in the darkness of shadows,  but as a light that shines bright! 


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