I’ve been thinking too much these days.  Recession things, end-time things,  God’s plan things, school things, future stuff and all.  But something came to my mind that I really want to share.  

I heard this song — I think it’s really popular.  ‘ All of me ‘ by John Legend. Some part of the lyrics actually caught my attention. Here it is. 

“ Give your all to me 

I give my all to you 

You’re my end and my beginning 

Even when I loose I’m winning 

I give you all — all of me

And you give me a —ll of you ”

Okay there it is.  Please don’t  start to wonder what I’m doing,  I want to bring something out of it.  Now ‘ all of ME ‘ is like this strong promise a guy makes to his girl to always give his all — money,  time, resources and ‘ life ‘ to her because of the ‘ love ‘ he professes to have for her. We see this everyday;  friends promises, family promises, spouse promises, being forever together… And all of that.  

But here my thinking lies. 

How many of us are really willing to give our all to GOD?  How willing are we to promise to follow Him all our days with all of our lives and to follow and be obedient to his will?  How much of God’s love so you have in you? Oh! The real question  is this;  do we actually Love God enough to give our ‘ all ‘ to him? 

A guy can promise his heart and life out for his lady, accepting her with her ups and downs.  He’ll try to love, care and cherish her even with arguments,  they’ll  try not to break each others promises.  But sadly,  we are human,  we break things — especially promises. 

To be continued…debbype😇


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