I wish I knew the way to go

And I’m so sorry for the times I’ve deserted everyone

I wish I know how to repay you back


 I am so sorry for being so negligible of this blog!  Words keep coming up, devil keeps striving, but you know when you’re on the Lords side, especially when you let him have his way, all you have to do is to keep still and let him do the winning; I have been guilty of that and he has been dealing with me by his mercies.  In all,  I am deeply sorry.  But I promise to take a step.  Exams are coming up and rapt preparation is involved. I’ll leave you with this piece continuation of the last one and another one before I stay off for another 3 weeks of exam focus.  I promise to resume fully after then.  I’m cooking up something you won’t want to miss and I’m so exited that I can’t wait to let it out. Thanks so much for your love! The Lord reward and bless you greatly! I love you all! 


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