As I sit to reminiscence on my life before, it’s so hard to view how it has been so far. Well, not pretty hard I geussThe fame, lights,  respect, grace,  Aura and feeling of pride to be a student which comes with a responsibility to be the best and bring out the best which I can offer. No matter what,  the struggle to be  the best continues… 

Seconds minutes, hours, days, weeks and months draw closer and I realize and began to think.. What have I done so far to improve ME? 

Then I realised that I’m not even close to success if I’m always on the ME lane, but will be if I’m on the YOU lane. Then I begin to worry again as most times, I worry too much about the YOU, a little less on the ME and abandon  completely!

But I realised that if I can make HIM my everything, I wouldn’t have to worry less about the ME or YOU because, I won’t have to worry at all!

This year I’ve learnt so much to begin to see that God is not an option; he is not on our plan B neither is he on C; he is always our first. When I thought I had lost my ability to writ more I focused on the depressed ME and the dissapointed YOU, but hey here I am! He’s got plans, greater than ours, so let’s all sit back and relax on his word standing on his promises as our HIM becomes our everything!

Dont wait until you realise you’ve lost everything then you’ll need HIM! Hold HIM! Trust HIM! Wait on HIM and HIM alone will be your everything! So enjoy this season all for HIM!😁

                    God bless! #DebbyPeace😇

Photo credit – @temi.d.poet _IG


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