Two weeks ago during one of our Sunday school classes a question was thrown on the literal meaning of Christmas. A couple of people of which I was a part of answered that it’s a time and season set apart to celebrate the birth of our saviour,  Jesus Christ, cause yeah what else can it mean other than that? But later we were proved wrong. The real meaning of Christmas in its literal sense is Christ for the masses, that is Christ-mas.


I began to wonder and ponder on that. Yeah Christmas is a fun season to celebrate Jesus, enjoy ourselves with our families, have fun, make good use of it as the most fun time of the year since the later part of the year follows after it, give out to people if need be, but most importantly thank God for a year well spent, for a bridge built to God, for a Saviour born and for the joy of the season. But, indepthly  there’s more to it; does the joy of the Christmas season last forever till another one or just for merry making and celebrations of decking the halls and thudding “Joy to the world!” just for the happiness attached for that day or days to the new year?

Does the stress, hustling and bustling ward off after so many resolutions made and merriment for the previous year?

My dear people;

Christmas is for the heart that doesn’t forget!

What exactly are we forgetting? 

That Christ is for the masses not just for the cellebrations!

Yes! Christmas doesn’t centre only on celebration. Well even though it somewhat does, it is by the way! With the challenge of the great commission, and the season of the coming of the Saviour we are celebrating, it is the time to rise up with the joy within to spread the news that Jesus is for all! How many people have you preached to this Christmas? Is there something God is impressing in your heart to do for Him? Are you not supposed to bless that family or that work of God? Note that Christ’s coming wasn’t just for the joy of his mother, father or even the host of heaven, it was to alert the world that the only way through which they can be saved has been made! The only bridge to God and eternal life has been built! The only way to heaven has come! We are celebrating not only our Saviour but our only way to live!

So if you don’t celebrate Christmas by rededicating, redeeming your life in Him, your celebration is not complete. If you don’t tell people around you about this birth of salvation, preaching and sharing the gospel, then your celebration is not complete! With Jesus’ coming, no matter what we do or where we are, we just have to keep telling. Christmas or not, it doest change the fact that the devil still looms around propagating darkness and evil into the heart of men but you know what, now is the best time to truncate that! 

As you celebrate, don’t forget to duplicate the salvation message for it is very delicate!

Don’t forget Christmas is the time to spread the word! Spread it now!

Please like, comment and share if you’ve been blessed!

God bless you!

                   Debby- Peace😇



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