New Title. 

Hey guys!

Happy weekend to you all.

I’m sure most people are wondering why I deserted this blog for a long time. Well lets just say I let blogging down😥 and I let you all down too. And I keep apologising like I won’t do it again 😒 so much for trying to be consistent.

Lot of things have happened that has rocked the boat of my conviction or needless to say inspiration. But I find it difficult in my heart to let it go. So here I go! I’m here again!

I’m so sorry for all those I’ve let down. To those who have been trailing me for this, thank you so much for having faith in God in me..naa its not me you’ve had you faith on its only God!

For those who have lost interest, well I’ll say you can stick around a bit to get yourself convinced, and I’m sure you will!

 For those who’ll be sticking around thank you so much too! I promise not to EVER (note it’s in capitals) let you down by His grace! (now that’s binding.)

Its time to stand up and answer the call of the gospel😃!

My name is Deborah and welcome to a new era of a new title!

Welcome back😁!


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