“I love you, I’ll never leave you to yourself. Ever.”

“You promise?”

“Promise with the whole of my life”

I love you.

Most times we hold on to promises. Promises that have an under tone of lies.

Some times we doubt, but keep our blind faith in those promises.

Other times, we believe there are no other options we’ve got than to trust in promises.

But most times we forget this;

There’s a limit of credibility in every human word.

It’s not an opinion or hearsay. Its what it really is, a lie. Every word backed up by a promise is a lie, but faith makes us believe otherwise.

Now if we can relate, we see that humans words and actions can be suspicious, or doubtful yet we still believe and trust those words.

But why do we fail to transfer such faith to God’s word?

Why’d we try to make it seem like God doesn’t listen to us? 

Let’s consider this as a relationship. 

Who does more of the talking? Who does more of the listening? In a relationship isn’t it the function of both parties to listen and speak to each other to foster communication? 


Are we waiting patiently to listen to the other end of the conversation or we just do the whole talking forgetting the listening part?

How about promises?!

Who makes the most promises and forgets to fulfil them?

Who makes the greatest promises fulfils and still keeps fulfilling even though ingratitude is gotten in return?

Why’d think humans let you down repeatedly and you still keep believing them? Trust huhh?

But why is it so hard to believe in someone who can never fail in His promises for you?

The Bible they say is God’s love letter to His own and if you’re really God’s own, you’ll see so much wonderful promises He has in His word for you.

Then why can’t we believe?

Why is it so hard?

Is it really hard?

What makes it hard?

Fear that we won’t get what we want knowing fully well He’s all for our greater good? 

Or, we just don’t think its necessary?

If you fail to believe and trust and rely on His promises for you, it won’t matter the amount of  love He pours out for you, unbelief will definitely block it out.

What are you believing God for today? Do well to trust in His love, in His word and rely on His promises. 

See your dark side shine light for His glory!

See all promises made fulfilled without fail!

” can I trust in your love and promises?”

“That’s all I need from you. Trust. Faith. No one I love will ever be dissapointed.”

I love you and will always will!



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